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Sexually Broken video gallery "Rain DeGrey throatboarded on top of sybian"

Rain DeGrey throatboarded on top of sybian

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Short description: Rain DeGrey is legendary for her orgasms. Her cunt is on a hair trigger and will betray her every time. Long after she is sweaty, tired and unable to breathe, she will keep on cumming. Long after she wishes the relentless orgasms would stop washing over her, she will keep cumming. Naturally, all anyone ever wants to do is stick this slut on a sybian and watch her lose her ever loving mind.

Today is beautiful in its simplicity: We stick Rain on a sybian, crank her flexible arms back as far as they can go, oil her down and then throatboard the fuck out of her with multiple hard cocks until she forgets her own name. Her bound oiled breasts are tied up so tightly they look like they are going to explode. Her shaved pussy is firmly affixed down onto the sybain and leather cuffs hold her in place. Then we flip the switch and it is on.

One after another, the dicks walk up and sink home balls deep. Rain is learning the value of multi-tasking as she attempts to cum, suck dick and survive with limited air. All at the same time. The drool pours out and puddles in front of her overstimulated pussy. Her eyes glaze over as the cocks owns her very soul. 10 inches of black thunder make her eyes water as yet another orgasm rips through her bound body. This is throatboarding at its finest. She can not escape the dick or the orgasms.

By the time we have had our fill of this well used piece of fucktoy, she is a sweaty lump of subspace covered in sweat, oil and her own juices. We have reduced her to a facepussy on knees. We leave her twitching and slack jawed on top of the sybian, unable to uncross her eyes or remember her own name. It is a very good look on her. Rain always wears destroyed well.

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