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Sexually Broken video gallery "What Is Subspace?"

What Is Subspace?

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Short description: Sexuallybroken offers a wide variety of sluts, from the most experienced to complete newbies. While Asia Zo has been in the industry for a while now, she has never tried bondage before. There is a first time for everything and we are honored to pop her bondage cherry. The only thing that makes cock and orgasms better is cock and orgasms in strict bondage. Today she gets the ride of her life.

Bent over a metal bar with her arms cranked high above her head and her bubble butt perfectly displayed, Asia’s tight pussy calls out for the cock. Who are we to deny her what she so badly craves? We add in some nipple clamps tied down to the floor to ensure that she can not wiggle or escape the dick. The second the vibrator hits her shaved pussy, Asia cums a gushing squirting orgasm. This is a hair trigger pussy that we are going to have fun with.

The vibrator is replaced by hard cock, slamming home balls deep in her tight cunt. One after the other we tag team her, in perfectly choreographed precision that breaks down all resistance. Asia is simply a bound fucktoy for our use, a set of holes to keep us warm. Her wet and soaking pussy shows just how much she loves being our personal fucktoy. This 4’11 pocket sized pet is a keeper.

We do not stop until she is limp and gasping, held up on quivering feet only by her bondage. A puddle of her own cum pools at her tiny feet. Asia is a natural for the bondage and most certainly will be back. Until next time my dear...

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